Sunday, June 18, 2017

2017 Dixie Shootout #5 & #6 - MCQMRA

6/17 (MCQMRA): For day 1 of our Dixie Shootout regional double header in Nashville, TN, Dillon qualified 2nd in Jr Animal and 4th in Jr Honda. They inverted the top 3, so he started in those positions.

In Dillon's Jr Animal race, he started 2nd and took the lead a few laps in. He held it most of the race, but started swapping the lead back and forth with another car at the end. The cars got together coming out of turn 4 to the checkers and ended up stopping. I think that put him finishing 6th. It was a disappointing ending to an otherwise good race.

Unfortunately our Jr Honda race didn't go like we wanted either. Dillon started 4th, but the whole field got jumbled together on the start and he ended up falling back to almost the trail. After that, he worked his way back up to 5th, but that was as far as he was able to go.

6/18/2017 (MCQMRA): For day #2 of our Dixie Shootout race at Nashville, Dillon qualified 2nd in Jr Animal and 6th in an extremely tight Jr Honda field. Unfortunately, immediately after they pushed the Jr Animals out on the track, it started raining and the races were called soon after that.

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