Saturday, June 24, 2017

2017 June Race Recaps

6/3 (NCQMA): In Jr Honda, Dillon qualified 2nd, but they inverted the top 4, which put him starting 3rd. He took the lead early on and managed to hold off some stiff competition to keep it to the end, getting his 2nd Jr Honda win in a row! We are so proud of him!
In Jr Animal, Dillon also qualified 2nd, so he started 3rd in the feature. He was able to stay in third for a while, but the car was just too tight and eventually he fell back to finish 4th. In the past, trying to race with a too tight Animal car would have resulted in him either flipping or just backing out completely and riding around. We were so proud to see him being smart and driving through it the best he could. Dillon has really come a long way in his driving abilities since we started racing.
In Lt 160, Dillon qualified and started 6th. It was a tough race with lots of wrecks and his arms were really tired after his other races. He hung in there though and ended up finishing 4th. Overall it was a good day and we are very happy with how well Dillon did!

6/6 (NCQMA): For our Summer Series Tuesday night races, all starting positions are set by pill draw in order to make these fairly quick evenings. In Jr Honda, Dillon started on the pole. On the start the rest of the field got jumbled together which helped Dillon pick up a huge lead on the rest of the pack. Unfortunately as Dillon got ready to start lapping cars, one of the other drivers stopped on the track causing a caution. They restarted with the field bunched back up and Dillon and the 2nd place car pulled ahead. Just as they got ready to start lapping the back of the field, the same car stopped again, resulting in another caution. The next restart kept the cars closer together and Dillon and another car ended up getting together, sending Dillon from the lead to the back of the field. Unfortunately some cars in the middle of the pack didn’t take off on the start, so Dillon had to get around them before he could start trying to close the gap with the leaders. He managed to catch them, but ran out of laps before he was able to do more than that. He ended up finishing 4th.

In Jr Animal, Dillon started on the pole and led for a while but then had to go to the back after getting together with another car. He managed to make his way back up to the lead, but it started to sprinkle rain with just 2 laps to go. The decision was made to pull all the cars off the track. Shortly after that, they sent them back out to resume racing. This was nerve-wracking as now Dillon would be trying to hold onto the lead with dirty tires. Fortunately, he was able to hang for those last few laps to take the win!

In Lt 160, Dillon started 5th. He looked pretty good and managed to make his way up to 3rd at one point, but he’s still not quite used to racing 3 cars yet, so you could tell that his arms started getting tired close to the end. He ended up finishing 5th.

6/24/2017 (NCQMA): In Jr Honda, Dillon qualified 2nd. In Jr Animal, he qualified 4th and in Lt 160 he also qualified 4th. They inverted the top 2 drivers, which put him starting on the pole for the Jr Honda cup race. Dillon held the lead for about the first half of the race, but unfortunately he and another car got together, which meant they had to go to the rear. He was able to make it back up to 4th, finishing just shy of getting a cup.
 In Jr Animal, Dillon started 4th. He made it up to third when he was able to take advantage of the top 2 cars getting together and took the lead. We were so excited that he got the win!
 In Lt 160, he started 4th and ended up in a very exciting flip when he spun out and had so much momentum that it carried him on over. He was able to continue the race, but had to come off the track when two other cars wrecked in front of him and he had nowhere to go. He went back out and ended up finishing 5th.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

2017 Dixie Shootout #5 & #6 - MCQMRA

6/17 (MCQMRA): For day 1 of our Dixie Shootout regional double header in Nashville, TN, Dillon qualified 2nd in Jr Animal and 4th in Jr Honda. They inverted the top 3, so he started in those positions.

In Dillon's Jr Animal race, he started 2nd and took the lead a few laps in. He held it most of the race, but started swapping the lead back and forth with another car at the end. The cars got together coming out of turn 4 to the checkers and ended up stopping. I think that put him finishing 6th. It was a disappointing ending to an otherwise good race.

Unfortunately our Jr Honda race didn't go like we wanted either. Dillon started 4th, but the whole field got jumbled together on the start and he ended up falling back to almost the trail. After that, he worked his way back up to 5th, but that was as far as he was able to go.

6/18/2017 (MCQMRA): For day #2 of our Dixie Shootout race at Nashville, Dillon qualified 2nd in Jr Animal and 6th in an extremely tight Jr Honda field. Unfortunately, immediately after they pushed the Jr Animals out on the track, it started raining and the races were called soon after that.
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