Sunday, September 18, 2016

2016 Dixie Shootout #9 - NGQMA

On 9/17/2016, we traveled in NGQMA in Cumming, GA for round #9 of the Dixie Shootout regional series. Dillon qualified 6th in Jr Animal so he started 6th in the A Main. He qualified 7th in Jr Honda (just .002 out of 6th), so he started on the pole in the B Main to try to make it into the A Main. He won the Jr Honda B Main which put him starting 7th in the feature race. In Jr Animal, Dillon finished 3rd. In Jr Honda, he finished 5th.

Monday, September 5, 2016

2016 Dixie Shootout #7 & #8 - HQMA

For Labor Day weekend, we traveled to Huntsville, AL for our Dixie Shootout double header races at HQMA.

9/3 (HQMA): This was day 1 of our Dixie Shootout regional series double header in Huntsville, AL. Dillon didn't have a great qualifying run, which was disappointing since the qualifying from Saturday was used for both days of races. He qualified 8th in Jr Animal and 5th in Jr Honda. They rolled a 5 for the invert for Saturday’s races, so he started on the pole for the Jr Honda race and 8th in Jr Animal. He ended up finishing 4th in both races.

9/4 (HQMA): For day 2 of our double header at HQMA, Dillon started 2nd in Jr Honda and 7th in Jr Animal (using the 2nd fastest lap of his qualifying times). Dillon wrecked in the first laps of the Jr Animal race, had to come off the track for repairs, and wasn't able to make it back out before the field took the green. He ended up finishing 7th. In Jr Honda, Dillon started 2nd, but the fuel switch somehow got turned off, so he had to go to the back of the field. He raced his way back up to finish 5th.

We did get Dillon some custom ear buds done. Watching Butch Lamb (Radical Racegear) do the molds was a pretty interesting process.
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