Sunday, December 4, 2016

Columbus Indoor Winternationals

Because we are evidently crazy people, we decided to head to Columbus Ohio to race indoors on 12/3. It ended up being very different but also a lot of fun.

In Jr Honda, Dillon had quite possibly one of the craziest heat races I have even seen. Dillon did an AWESOME job passing and looked great on the track. He started 4th and finished 2nd, making it straight into the Jr Honda A Main.

Dillon ended up starting 4th in the Jr Honda A Main because another car had to come off the track before the start. He fell back a little on the start and was able to work his way back to 5th, but the car was too tight so that was a far as he could go. We'll take a top 5 finish out of 25 cars!

In the Jr Animal heat race, Dillon started 7th and finished 4th. Unfortunately the car was too tight, so he wasn't able to make it into a top 3 transfer spot before the end of the race.

Dillon did awesome in the Jr Animal B Main! He started 2nd, took the lead about half-way, and kept it until there were just a few laps to go, losing it to our fellow NCQMA driver, Ethan. He finished 2nd, which meant he started 8th in the A Main.  In the Jr Animal race, Dillon started 8th and finished 4th. He drove an awesome race and we are so proud of him!
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