Saturday, May 28, 2016

2016 Dixie Shootout #3 & #4 - NCQMA

We hosted a "double header" Dixie Shootout regional race at our home track on Memorial Day weekend. The race on Saturday, 5/28, was also a local race for our Championship Series. Due to rain on Sunday, we actually ended up racing on 5/28, 5/29 and 5/30.

The qualifying on Saturday counted for both race #3 and #4. The fastest lap would determine the starting position for the first race and the 2nd fastest lap would determine the start for the 2nd race.

Race #3 - 5/28

Dillon qualified first in Jr Animal and 3rd in Jr Honda.

Then he WON in Jr Animal! We are so proud of him!

He finished 4th in the Jr Honda. He was fast and got up to second at one point.

Race #4 - 5/29 & 5/30

Dillon raced the Jr Animal on Sunday. He started 4th and was trying to pass for 3rd when he spun out and had to go to the back. He finished 5th.

In Jr Honda, Dillon drove the race of his life! He started 6th, but 2 cars wrecked in front of him and he got caught up in that and ended up being sent to the back. Then he passed his way up through the WHOLE FIELD to finish 2nd. It was an awesome weekend and we were so, so PROUD of Dillon!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

NCQMA - 5/21 - Race Videos

Video of Dillon's 5/21 Jr Animal Race (and flip)

Video of Dillon's 5/21 Jr Honda Race

Saturday, May 21, 2016

2016 April - May Race Recaps


4/9/16 - Dillon qualified 3rd in Jr Honda and 2nd in Jr Animal. They inverted the top 5, so he started 3rd and 4th respectively. An early spin in the Jr Honda race sent him to the back of the field, but he was able to work his way up to 4th by the time the race ended. In the Jr Animal, we were involved in a wreck at the very start of the warm up laps that sent him off the track. He was able to make it back out before the race began, but racing on cold, dirty tires was pretty much impossible and he ended up striking out, finishing 6th. Even though the Animal finish wasn't exactly what we were hoping for, we are so proud of Dillon! He is finally starting to show the passion for competition that we have been waiting to see.

4/23/16 - Dillon qualified 4th in Jr Honda and 3rd in Jr Animal. There was no invert, so he started in those positions. He finished 4th in the Jr Honda and 2nd in the Jr Animal! He did so awesome!



5/14/16 -  Dillon qualified 5th and finished 4th in Jr Animal. In Jr Honda, he qualified 3rd which put him starting on the pole after the invert. He led almost half the laps and then got spun out, so he had to go to the back of the field. He ended up finishing 8th. Dillon did a great job leading the Jr Honda race for the time that he was up front and passed cars in both races. We are really proud of him!
5/21/15 - Dillon qualified 4th in the Jr Honda and 3rd in the Jr Animal. He started 4th in Jr Honda, but a wreck coming to the green sent him to the back of the field. He hung in there and ended up finishing 3rd! In Jr Animal, they inverted the top 3, so Dillon started the race on the pole. He led the whole race, but with 7 laps to go, the car started to bike and he ended flipping (pretty spectacularly) down the backstretch. He wanted to go back out, but right after they restarted his chain came off, so he ended up coming off the track. He finished 7th. He did a great job overall in both races and we are super proud of him!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

2016 Dixie Shootout #2 - MCQMRA

For the 2nd Dixie Shootout race of 2016, we raced at MCQMRA in Nashville, TN.
Dillon was a little off in the Jr Animal, qualifying 9th. Luckily, they ran  all 11 cars in the A Main, so we were in the feature.
In Jr Honda, Dillon qualified 6th, which transferred him directly into the A Main! We had NEVER made it into the A Main here in the Honda, so this was a HUGE accomplishment! Awesome job, Dillon!
Dillon had an awesome Jr Animal race! He passed cars (yay!!!) and finished 3rd! This was his first time finishing on the podium in a Dixie Shootout race in a competitive class. We could not have been more proud of him!

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