Thursday, November 27, 2014

2014 Aug - Nov Race Recaps

Dillon has moved up to the Blue Rookie class!

8/9/14 - Dillon qualified 2nd out of 4 cars and will start 2nd in the blue rookie feature race. He fell back to 4th on the start but ended up back in the 2nd position after an early caution. He was able stay right with the leader and keep his position for the rest of the race. We are so proud of this boy and how he raced today!

8/16/14 - Dillon won a Blue Rookie Fun Race (ie no points)!

8/23/14 - Dillon started 6th and finished 4th out of 8 cars. He did pretty good on the starts and was able to hold off the cars behind him. We're slowly making progress...

9/6/14 - Had an exciting heat race. Dillon started on the pole and took off like a rocket at the start. He caught the back of the field, but got spun while attempting to lap the last place car. After restarting in the back, he dove in a little too hard trying to pass twice and ended up in a couple minor wrecks. He finished in the back, but we are super proud of this boy for finally trying to pass! He started 5th and finished 4th in his feature race.
Caroline loves her Abi!

9/22/14 - Saturday was simply an awesome day for racing! We could not have asked for more beautiful weather than what we had. Dillon started 3rd, fell back to 5th on the start, made it back up to 2nd after 2 of the cars ahead of him got together and spun out, and then fell back to 3rd for the finish. After the race, he was able to give us some relevant feedback about his car for the first time, which is a huge step for him! As always, we are so very proud of our little racer! After the races, we had a blast hanging out with the other racing families for our first potluck and campfire of the year. The food was amazing and the company was so good we didn't want to leave! Can't wait for the next one!

10/0514 - It was an exciting weekend of racing! Dillon started 1st in his heat race, was still leading with 4 laps to go, but got spun and had to go to the back of the field. He ended up finishing 3rd. He started 1st out of 8 cars in his feature race but got caught up in a wreck which sent him to the back again. He managed to bring home a 2nd place finish. We capped the night off with a potluck dinner and some time around a campfire with friends. All in all, a pretty good day!

Somebody thinks it's her turn to drive!

10/18/14 - Dillon had a good day today! He started on the pole but dropped back to 4th after staying high on the track a little too long after getting passed. He drove a good race though and we are really proud of him! We are also super proud of him for qualifying 5th out of 15 Blue Rookies, quite an accomplishment!

11/2/14 - Dillon finished 3rd in his heat race and 4th in the feature.

11/15/14 - Dillon finished 5th in the feature. Unfortunately, the finishing order doesn't tell you how hard our little guy raced and fought with a car that wasn't handling well (after which Ron was on a mission to make that part better). Dillon was heading to the front in both races but ending up getting spun out and sent to the back and there just weren't enough laps to get where he wanted to be by the end. He never gave up though and that made us really proud!

11/28/14 - Dillon qualified 5th out of 20 Blue Rookies that showed up for the Carolina Fall Nationals. He started and finished 5th in his race. Unfortunately, the cars in front of him had some issues getting the race started which resulted in the final start being single file. After that, the cars spread out and everyone pretty much just rode in their position as the race went caution free. Dillon raced hard, but there's only so much you can do in 20 7 second laps. He did his best though, and we are proud of him, as always!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween at the track

We had an awesome time at the Halloween festivities at NCQMA, which included a costume contest, "mummy" making and hands-free donut eating!

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