Monday, May 25, 2015

New Stickers!

Here is the big reveal with pictures of Dillon from the Dixie Shootout race at NCQMA on May 23rd, 2015, and our new graphics from WAR Ink Graphics on our Jr Honda car!

We also did a cool video to show the car being wrapped.

Here are a few more photos.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dixie Shootout #3 - NC

This week the Dixie Shootout Regional race was at "home" for us and racers from all over the region traveled to North Carolina to race at NCQMA.

We debuted our new Jr. Honda look for this race with an awesome wrap designed by WAR Ink Graphics! We'll reveal that in a separate post.

Dillon had a really good weekend. It is amazing to us to look at how much he has improved since this time last year. He qualified 8th out of 15 cars in an extremely close field (only 2 tenths separated the majority of the cars), which put him starting 2nd in the B-main. He hung on in the B-main to finish 3rd. He started 9th in the feature race and finished 7th.

Then we capped the weekend off with lunch with a few racing friends!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

2015 March - May Race Recaps

3/28/15 - It was a cold and exciting day! Dillon started 3rd in the heat race and finished 5th. He started 4th in the feature and finished 6th. The results don't really tell the whole story, because he raced really well today and we are super proud of him!

4/18/15 - Unfortunately, not the day we were hoping for. Dillon got caught up in a multi-car wreck while coming to the green flag and Ron and all the amazing other dads who jumped in to help weren't able to get it fixed in time to get back out there. Dillon still had a great day spending time with all his friends and we all enjoyed a post-race potluck with our racing family. Hopefully we'll have better luck next week!

5/10/15 - Dillon had a good day, but we are definitely still learning. He started 1st and finished 3rd in his heat race. He started 5th and finished 7th in the feature. It was an exciting race and we are very proud of him!

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