Sunday, August 14, 2016

2016 July - August Race Recaps

7/30 (NCQMA): Dillon qualified 3rd in both Jr Honda and Jr Animal. The Jr Honda race was pretty crazy. Dillon ran second for a lot of the race, but ended up having cars wreck in front of him multiple times, had to come off the track twice and finished 7th. In Jr Animal, Dillon finished 3rd.

8/6 (NCQMA): Dillon qualified 9th in the Jr Honda, started 3rd in the B Main, and finished 2nd. He started 8th in the feature and finished 6th. In our Jr Animal cup race, he qualified and finished 5th.

8/13 (NCQMA): In Jr Honda, Dillon qualified 9th and finished 3rd in the B Main. He started 9th in the feature. Unfortunately, it was one of "those" weekends. In the Jr Honda race, Dillon was involved in an early wreck, came off for repairs, the car didn't handle well and he ended up striking out and finishing 9th. In Jr Animal, he qualified 2nd, started 4th (due to the 5 car invert), was involved in a wreck on the start that ended with him flipping, came off for repairs, and also ended up striking out, finishing 9th in that race, as well. This was also our rookie cup race day. The rookies had 5 total races. Since Ron was the rookie director, and the rookie races were back to back with Dillon’s races, Ron ended up being pretty much run ragged trying to help Dillon and help the rookies all at the same time. It was also ridiculously HOT. It ended up just being a really hard and frustrating day.

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