Saturday, January 9, 2016

2015 Banquet

If I had to pick just one word to describe Dillon's 2015 racing season, that word would be HARD.

Our first year in the competitive classes was a tough one for sure. We struggled a lot for many different reasons and faced a number of challenges, but there were some bright moments, too. We enjoyed traveling to race with our NCQMA family, Dillon made the A Main at all the regional races except Nashville, he learned so many things, and him winning the 100 lap Jr Honda race at MAQMA was definitely the highlight of the year. 

Unfortunately, this pretty much describes our banquet weekend as well. Ron ended up being sick all day Friday and Dillon came down with it just minutes before the banquet started and had to leave to go back to the room. He didn't get to join his friends on stage or go up to receive his trophies. He's not in any of the banquet photos (which breaks this photo-taking mama's heart) and he really just had a miserable day. Fortunately he was able to swim and enjoy some of the activities at Great Wolf on Friday and Sunday, so the weekend wasn't a total loss. Here's hoping for a MUCH BETTER 2016!

Dillon's final 2015 standings:

Championship Series: Jr Honda - 9th, Jr Animal - 5th

Summer Series: Jr Honda - 5th, Jr Animal - 4th

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